Collection: Catalogue peptides

Purified peptides ready to ship worldwide from our UK ISO 9001 certified laboratory.

Supplied lyophilised in amounts ranging from 0.5mg to 5mg at > 95% purity with HPLC and mass spec chromatograms.

Our bioactive peptides include histone peptides and arrays, Epstein-Barr virus peptides (EBVs), Influenza peptides, Cytomegalovirus peptides (CMV), cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs), and many others used in different applications such as HIV, diabetes and cancer research.

We are constantly adding to our extensive peptide catalogue as requested by you our customers, so if your peptide isn’t listed, we can synthesise it for you and add it to our peptide inventory.

We can offer substantial discounts on larger quantities. For bulk amounts, request a quote online or email us at 

Additional information

As a trusted supplier of high-quality peptides, our online store makes purchasing a straightforward process meaning you can acquire peptides of exceptional quality with ease.

Every peptide in our collection undergoes rigorous quality control including mass spec and HPLC purity assessment, to ensure you receive peptides of the highest quality and at great value. Amino acid analysis can also be provided if required.

At AltaBioscience, we prioritise customer satisfaction. Should you require any assistance or have queries about specific peptides, our team of peptide chemists are available to provide expert guidance.

We also provide a custom peptide synthesis service from our ISO 9001-certified laboratory.

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